Things I use

Things I use



  • MacBook Pro 2019 (Intel) - still going – despite the fans running at ~100% for as long as I can remember! I'll be upgrading to Apple silicon this year, so it'll become end-of-life.
  • CalDigit TS-4 dock - this allows me to plug a single USB-C cable into any device and instantly connect it to all my displays, peripherals and power. It wasn't cheap, but definitely worth the price.
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - my preferred keyboard. I know, not mechanical, but my all-day-typing fingers appreciate there's less travel on these keyboards. I could live without the numeric keys though.
  • Logitech G900 gaming mouse - super comfortable all day long. And it has RGB!
  • Dual LG Ultrafine 32" IPS UHD 60Hz 4K monitors - I've been using two of these monitors mounted with this dual monitor stand for the past 2-3 years, and I've no complaints. A while back I tried some ultrawide alternatives, but found they didn't fit my workflow as well (multitasking didn't feel as natural). Recently, I've been contemplating replacing the dual screens with a large OLED. Maybe 2024 is the year.
  • My DIY NAS - this stores all of my families data, backups, etc and runs several containers for home automation.
  • SteamDeck (OG 256GB LCD) - gaming on the go, and a portable linux desktop in my backpack. Paired with the UGREEN 145W 2500mAH power bank, a USB-C dock, and the Logitech K400 keyboard and touchpad.



Xbox Series X

  • Gamertag: BinarySneaker

Mobile apps



I once worked a few minutes away from a small, boutique coffee shop called Pot Kettle Black. Ever since, and mainly thanks to James Hoffman, I've become a bit of a coffee snob.

  • Machine: I use a Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, which has been nothing short of life-changing.
  • Beans: Hasbean Ethiopia: Edition 23.045. This is hands-down the best coffee I've ever tasted. "Opening with a blast of blueberries and damsons, the punchy dark fruit has a layer of brown sugar sweetness underneath it. The clean finish has a twist of orange zest, which calls you back for that next sip."