Setting up fbcmd on a QNAP NAS [SOLVED]

I recently decided to start updating a Facebook account with notifications from my QNAP NAS, instead of using Twitter (which I’m using less and less). Setting up the Facebook command line interface (fbcmd) is a straightforward affair, but I ran into a problem that when I added automated updates via the crontab or Transmission, fbcmd silently failed (or so I thought). After a bit of debug logging, I discovered that the script was looking for its configuration in /share/homes/admin/ which doesn’t exist on the QNAP (should be /root or ~). So for all those QNAP users out there, here’s how to fix the problem at install time –

(Lines 1-4 are the standard installation commands, lines 5-7 makes a directory in /share called “homes” and symlinks it to your /root directory).