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Manual Mode Cheat Sheet

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Top 10 photography composition rules
Portrait composition

Cameras/Lens Reviews

DigitalPhotography Review
Pixel Peeper

Software for editing photos

I’m frequently asked which app is best for editing photos. Only you can decide which is best for you (Google: aperture vs lightroom). Personally I use Aperture, because I’ve done so for years. I think Lightroom is the more capable photo manipulation/correction tool, but Aperture does a better job of managing my photo collection. Your mileage may vary.
Apple Aperture (Mac)
Adobe Lightroom (Windows & Mac)
Adobe Photoshop (Windows & Mac)

Useful photography apps

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (Windows & Mac/Android/iPhone & iPad)
StarStax (Windows & Mac)

YouTube videos

I’ve created a “Photography School” playlist of YouTube with some useful tutorials (I’ll update it as I discover more useful videos)…

Photography workshops

Nigel Wilson photography workshops