Fixing Mac OS X Lion

2-finger secondary click (aka “right click”) stops working. Plenty of people are saying this is happening to them, so I guess it’s a bug which will be addressed in a future update. In the meantime, here’s how to fix it (restart/logout afterwards):

Unhide the Library folder:

Javascript doesn’t seem to work properly in Google Chrome? Simple, update to the latest version of the browser. Also fixes some oddness with window resizing/fullscreen.

Hate the Mission Control/Login window grey texture? Here’s how to replace it.

  1. Go to System/Library/Coreservices/
  2. Right click and click “show package contents”
  3. Go to Contents/Resources/
  4. In there should be 3 pictures named “defaultdesktop.png” “defaultdesktop1440x900.png” “defaultdesktop1920x1200.png” (depending on your build of Lion, there may only be “defaultdesktop.png”)
  5. Back up these 3 files and replace them with a picture of your choice. Make sure your pictures are the correct sizes and in PNG format. “defaultdesktop” is 256×256. The other 2 sizes are shown in their name.
  6. Type in “killall Dock” in Terminal, or reboot

(To make the change happen without a reboot, type “killall Dock” in Terminal)

Hate the ripped edges effect in iCal?