Fixing Mac OS X Lion

2-finger secondary click (aka “right click”) stops working. Plenty of people are saying this is happening to them, so I guess it’s a bug which will be addressed in a future update. In the meantime, here’s how to fix it (restart/logout afterwards):

Unhide the Library folder:

Javascript doesn’t seem to work properly in […]

Good news! Flash Player v11 beta for Mac fixes everything

Flash Player v11 – currently in beta – seems to fix video playback stuttering and excessive CPU activity. Yes, you too can now watch smooth fullscreen videos on YouTube without feeling like your Macs fans are about to take off. Here’s what to do… Download the latest Flash Player v11 build from here: Run the installer, […]

Secure your Mac and backup your data in 10 minutes

Earlier in the week, you may have heard about Joshua Kaufman who had his MacBook Pro stolen from his flat. Using a service called Hidden, he tracked its location and even got photos of the alleged thief using it in his home (yep, that’s him below). The police eventually caught up with the thief thanks […]

When your Mac DOESN’T “just work”, and needs a spring clean

I recently had a Mac misbehaving; weekly kernel panics, kernel_task consuming excessive CPU and leaking memory, and spotlight appearing to delay boot up. To be fair, the poorly Mac had never seen an OS reinstall after three years, taking it from 10.4 to 10.6.6. I could’ve reinstalled the OS, but curiosity got the better of […]

“Only connections to SharePoint or SkyDrive servers are supported”

Here’s my second large-vendor bug report of the year, this time it’s Microsoft. The Document Connection in Office 2011 for Mac stopped working after recent updates. In v14.0.1 and v14.0.2 (currently the latest), when trying to connect to a Sharepoint site, you receive this error message: Only connections to SharePoint or SkyDrive servers are supported […]

When a MacPorts build or install fails

Occasionally an install from MacPorts fails, 9 times out of 10 it’ll be a dependency failing to build. And 9 times out of 10, a clean+selfupdate+resintall does the trick… sudo port clean portfile sudo port selfupdate sudo port install portfile [+variants] Failing that, a port upgrade usually helps… sudo port upgrade outdated

How to save a file from the Chrome or Firefox file store cache

There’s a couple of ways to recover a file from the Chrome/Firefox cache – the most straightforward option is the CacheViewer add-on for Firefox and ChromeCacheView for Chrome (Windows only). But sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and tinker with about:cache. Once you’ve found the file you want to save, you’ll be confronted with […]

Enterprise-grade logging frameworks

Log files. Great for tracking down a problem, or digging up some tasty stats, but totally unmaintainable. With that in mind I’ve been investigating logging frameworks for .NET and Java (our two main programming languages). Most of our .NET projects include the MS Enterprise Library, and Java projects use Log4j – both frameworks almost always […]

Mac OS X bug: Empty folders when browsing Samba shares on Windows 2003 Server

First bug report of 2011, and it’s one for Apple. Here’s the write-up… I’m using a MBP running OS X 10.6.6 and a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 file server. The Windows 2003 server is in a domain (“neurope”), and my MBP is configured to log on to the AD domain. All working fine (internet access, […]

Java and TFS resources

Continuing the recent posts about Visual Studio and TFS, here’s my collection of Java related resources for working with TFS… TFS – Eclipse and cross platform (forum) MS VS Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 Goodbye Teamprise, Hello Team Explorer Everywhere Adding a Java project in Eclipse to TFS using Team Explorer Everywhere IntelliJ TFS integration And […]

TFS/VS 2010 resources

Following on from my post on Agile resources, here’s a collection of handy Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio 2010 links: Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Agile Development with Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010 (video) TeamReview tool for Visual Studio 2010 Team Build Screen for Visual Studio 2010 Scrum Sprint Monitor for Visual Studio 2010 […]

Sidejacking with Firesheep and Ettercap-ng

Ok, you probably read that title and thought, “what the heck is that?” Sidejacking is the name given to stealing HTTP sessions, and recently the guys over at CodeButler released a Firefox plugin, called Firesheep, which does exactly that. On its own, it’s an interesting tool for showing you how easy it is to steal […]